Support Policy

  • After the product's registration, we will provide all our customers with unlimited technical support free of charge.
  • Unregistered users will also be supported during their trial period. Just bear in mind that registered users take precedence over unregistered ones.
  • Technical support offered on our product is intended for problem resolution only. We do not provide complete system walk-thru service to teach you every software feature step by step. For learning the system step by step, please consult with our user manual.
  • We are constantly researching new technologies and ways to improve our product. Such enhancements, when released, are posted to all our registered users as software updates at no extra cost.
  • Technical support is provided in English. We also offer support in Spanish upon request.
  • While we organize and train our live operators to take national and international calls with technical questions, all customer support will only be provided via e-mail.
  • So, for technical and sales inquiries please contact us.